nikko6Wow! What a fun way to start your young one in building coordination and courage while learning how to follow directions and rules. Giving them discipline and patience prepares them for school and other things coming up soon in their life. Preschool gymnasts also begin developing character building skills that transition to the day to day situations they will soon encounter.

Every week a new theme is created starting off with a fun, exciting warm up song!  Followed by stations teaching strength, balance, motor skills and self esteem!  We finish each class with a fun activity such as parachute games, rhythm sticks, colorful scarves, hula hoops and dancing! Your young gymnasts will leave excited and wanting more!

Class Times Listed Below

Legacy Preschool Class Description:

Toddler Bees (Mommy & Me) – 18 month to 2 yrs. – Toddlers are sensory learners who love to touch, run and jump to understand the world around them. You and your gymnast get to work together on building motor skills, coordination and balance at a very young age boosting their cognitive learning skills. Class Times Listed Below

Tumble Bees 3-4 yrs. – Young children are learning forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, pull-ups, chin-ups, balance and coordination. This class is great for toddlers starting to learn self-confidence, character building and discipline in a very fun environment.

Kinder Bees 4-5yrs.  – As your child is approaching kindergarten we can help start them off right. This class helps with learning how to stand in line and listen before they get into school, while learning a fun an exciting sport which will help them to be successful in any sport they do in the future.