Gymnastics Classes

Gymnastics classes provide the best professional instruction for your child in a safe and friendly environment. At Legacy we treat you like family, so you are comfortable and satisfied with our programs and services.

If you are looking for your child to start doing some great gymnastics Legacy’s Beginning Gymnastics is a great place for your child to start. If your child has some gymnastics experience or shows great athleticism, come in for the Beginning Gymnastics class, we will have your child evaluated for a more advanced gymnastics class.

Ages are from 6 yrs to 18 yrs old.

Top 15 reasons to do gymnastics:

  1. Builds Strength
  2. Builds Balance
  3. Enhances Coordination and Flexibility
  4. Gain Self Respect
  5. Self Discipline
  6. Confidence
  7. Develop Life Long Habits of Activity
  8. Learn to Listen and Follow Instructions
  9. Improve Interactions With Peers
  10. Develop a Love For Learning
  11. Obtain Skills That Translate Into Other Sports and Activities
  12. Learn to Set and Achieve Goals
  13. Character Building
  14. Team Building
  15. IT IS FUN!

Call us to set up a Free trial!

Look at the list of times below. Pick out the best time that would work for you. Then contact us ahead of time to let us know the name of the child, age, and what time you want to try out.