Recreational Classes

These programs are specifically designed with kids in mind, and we know that children grow and develop quickly. Students begin by focusing on gross motor movements and coordination skills. We maintain a low student to teacher ratio so that your child is able to experience more time on the equipment, as well as personal attention. Share in the delight of your child as they learn to stretch, climb, crawl, and roll. This class focuses very strongly on motor skills that increase coordination and flexibility. This also introduces students to gymnastics terminology, tumbling skills, and apparatus.

Classes listed below.

Mommy & Me

(18 months To 3 years)- Toddlers are sensory learners who love to touch, run and jump to understand the world around them. You and your gymnast work together on building motor skills, coordination, and balance. Boosts their cognitive learning skills and form their gymnastics skill foundation.

Tumble Bees

(3-4 years)- Young children are learning forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, pull-ups, balance and coordination. This class is great for toddlers starting to learn self-confidence, character building and discipline in a very fun environment.

Kinder Bees

(4 – 5 years old)-As your child is approaching Kindergarten, we can help start them off right! This class builds on the basic fundamentals of gymnastics while helping teach your little one how to stand in line and listen to direction. Our Kinder Bees class gives students a fun and exciting learning environment which will help them to be successful in any sport they do in the future.

Little Ninjas

(3 – 5 years old)-It is never too early for a child to dream of being America’s next Ninja Warrior! This class builds on the basic fundamentals of gymnastics as well as focusing on obstacle courses, team building, and work ethic.

Girls Gymnastics

This class is for girls ages 6 to 18 years of age. This program is designed for girls that have little to no experience in gymnastics. This class provides a solid foundation that will allow them to move on to more advanced tumbling classes. The focus of this class is to help build basic skills and ensure proper progressions. The things we do in this class are tumbling, vault, uneven bars, balance beams, and trampoline training. Increasing strength, awareness and flexibility are important as well.


This is a co-ed class for students 6 to 18 years of age. They will learn tumbling experience and get ready for more advanced training. In this class they will do rolls, cartwheels, bridges and many other drills such as front and back handsprings, trampoline training and learning body safety, and awareness.

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